Friday, March 10, 2006

Chuc Mung Sinh Nhat!*


In the languages of our city (those that I can think of early in the morning)

Cumpleaños feliz,
Te deseamos a tí,
Y que cumplas muchos años,
Muchos años feliz.

French (Cajun):
Joyeux anniversaire,
Joyeux anniversaire,
Joyeux anniversaire David O,
Joyeux anniversaire!

La-breithe mhaith agat! or Co` latha breith sona dhut! or Breithla Shona Dhuit!

Efticharismena Gennethlia!

and of course, Vietnamese:
Chuc Mung Sinh Nhat!

Punky Brewster:
Happy B-Day!

*forgot to add that I only speak three of the languages above. Those being a wee little Spanish, a bit more Freanch and a whole lot of Punky. The rest was researched.


LLA said...

What gorgeous flowers - what is the orange one? It is particularly joy-inducing....

NolaNik said...

It's a POPPY! I just planted them, trying to spruce up my garden after the storm. They are very cheering, thank you!

Slimbolala said...

Well, g-dang, girl! I'm honored and touched. Thank you.

NolaNik said...

Did you get the bouquet? I left it on your porch!