Saturday, February 25, 2006

Mardi Gras 2006 Highlights: Installation Muses

I was feeling overwhelmed, wondering how to get my favorite moments out in an orderly way. Now I am behind, so there will be few days worth of pictures thrown out here.

First, of course, The MAX Band:

Then, My favorite Parade: Muses

There are certain things you can expect to see only in Muses. There are three groups of women that parade: The Bearded Oysters, The Camel Toe Steppers and The Pussy Footers. There is the Ninth Ward Marching Band. Tons of Elvis Costumes on scooters. Satirical Floats are always expected.

Some unusual features for the year include the very unusual Mexican or Latino Flambeaus that cropped up this year, due to Katrina:

And a very sad float, which I will post at the end of this installation, as is appropriate.

A Bearded Oyster Girl

The Pussy Footers

The Camel Toe Steppers

An Elvis

The Ninth Ward Marching Band

Miss Pussycat AKA Panacea

A Float about the Gretna Police incident, when they wouldn't let New Orleans residents escape over the Crescent City Connection bridge over the river to safety. Pictures by Billy Sothern, a public defender and writer about such atrocities.

An Anti-Death Penalty Float. Pictures also taken by Billy Sothern, an anti-death penalty lawyer.

The saddest float of all, empty, to remind us of who couldn't come to Mardi Gras this year.


Slimbolala said...

Fab, baby.

NolaNik said...

Do you ever sleep, my friend? Missed you at The Circle Bar (1:30 am). Still love you though.

Thanks fer lookin' during this busy time. Like yers, too.