Tuesday, February 21, 2006

June's B-Day

In case you haven't figured it out yet (and I don't know how you would from this blog), Slimbolalaland and Nola Nikland overlap in dimension. Sunday was little June's second birthday, so Happy Birthday, girlie.*

I have to say, it was difficult to figure out exactly whose birthday it really was, since everyone seemed to get presents, and the Mama Sarah is holding a look-alike girl.

Slimbo...are you gonna knife a bubble here? Not very party-like, now is it?

* you know, for when she reads


Slimbolala said...

Great pictures, sweetie. Thanks for posting them.

NolaNik said...

De Rien

Now, doesn't that look like a weird bubble?

Sorry I couldn't get a good one of June FACING the camera, but she loves that cousin. They do so well with the girls!

LLA said...

I'm really glad to have stumbled across your site - it is so difficult to wrap my mind around what NO must be like now...

your photos, along with the musings and pictures at slimbolala, really are such an amazing view of the city now - the everyday slices of life, and the oddities which are what we all loved about the city in the first place.

Thanks for your great site!

NolaNik said...

Why, thank you! Your comment means so much to me. I cannot think of a greater compliment. I created it for folks like you to see things as we all are.